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Use Cases

Various accessibility remediation standards are necessitated to electronic documents such as Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft office document (Doc), and powerpoint presentation (ppt) or making accessible to individuals with disabilities. Acadecraft can assist organizations quickly and effortlessly bring large document collections into observance with applicable standards. An accessible PDF adheres to the same standard in compared to other doc files. The mandatory requirements are to provide user-friendly comprehension to the reader, listeners, or viewers. A tag structure within the document stands for its visual and structural components. While PDFs are the most often used doc, therefore, the accessibility remediation services include files like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

About our Video Lectures services

We are specialized in video accessibility projects. Our accessible video lectures services comprise of manual and software solutions to carry flawless services.
A decade of knowledge and proven processes and technology have given us opportunities to supply numerous customers and associations in accordance with their commitments. We have the aptitude to produce high volume video to transform quick digital assets and to arrive at compliance.

Types of Video Lectures services

Video Captions Accessible Video services
Video Captions

Acadecraft provides realistic and easy to understand captions in a text form of audio information and animations in a video. This incorporates the words that are vocal, evident, and important sounds such as music, laughter, and noises.

Accessible Video Lectures services
Subtitling and Structuring

Acadecraft proceed for in-depth reviewing of the video file along with accurate and maintaining the logical structure of the video file. Our team thoroughly verify the tagging and redesigning complexity in videos. Overseas clients have always appreciated our Accessible Video Lectures services

video lecture services provider in USA

Acadecraft has skilled and experienced professionals creating video captions for assessment solutions. Therefore, a bit-to-bit perfect synchronization is guaranteed to the visual contextualization. We have large database of clients mostly based in USA, UK, Singapore, and UAE.

Testing and assessment Accessible Video services provider
Testing and assessment

Acadecraft, being an accessible video lecture services provider make sure reviewing form elements and address convenience issues. Also, we opt for testing each video according to its streaming media. Acadecraft has a dedicated department called assessment developed services.

Industry cover

E learning Accessible Video Lectures services website


Acadecraft gives accessible video lecture services for E-learning education establishments such as K12 schools, higher education, and other educational institutions.

K12 Schools and Colleges accessibility Video Lectures solutions in USA

K12 Schools and Colleges

Acadecraft is an outstanding source for supplying accessible video lectures services for learners, who necessitate extra support to study the subjects.

Corporate training Accessible Video services in USA

Corporate training

Acadecraft cater Microsoft (video) services to overseas clients. These comprises along with all mandatory elements.

process Accessible Video Lectures services

How It Works

Acadecraft has very expressive procedure flow accessible video lecture services. We request to email the videos. Our team of analysts assess the videos to recognize and about its formation, boards, lines, and various other practical things.

Our prices are cost-effective and our process adhered to industry strategies, hence we declare for 100% guaranteed compliance. Our team of experts remediates the files making compliant videos. To be precise, our process involves caption, subtitling, re-functioning, and testing for assessment.

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