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We are a professional eLearning solution provider helping content Digitization for businesses and Corporates across the world.
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Key Issues

Advancement in technology has led to the need for book scanning and digitization services. Users today are keen on reducing paperbacks and have started to maintain all books in a digital format for better efficiency and storage. Book scanning and digitization have facilitated easy downloading and accessing books on digital devices.

All the books to be digitized require expert and experienced professionals to deliver the best result. Book digitization can be tricky and challenging if not handled well. It is essential to identify the right graphics to use, fonts, formatting, and accurate conversion. It is not just about placing graphs, text, images, charts, and tables in order, but e-publishers should have in-depth knowledge and experience in computing and a high understanding of digital publishing. The visuals should be high resolutions, and the formatting should be aptly done. Digitized books should be personalized, and the structure should appeal to the readers. It is essential to understand the target audience before delivering digitized books. It is vital to maintain and possess the skill to operate high-level digitization technology. The goal should be for the e-book to grasp audiences’ attention like physical books.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of experienced and committed e-publishers who possess extensive knowledge of designing and converting books for every major digital platform, paying special attention to every detail along with intricate quality control and evaluation process that tests and validates eBooks. We offer cost-effective, quick, and consistent eBooks, designed with extreme precision. Our book digitization services are accurate and customized. We precisely merge complex formatting elements such as tables, graphs, text columns, and images into ebooks. We allow easy interoperability to users among software and hardware for multiple digital books and allow them to read ebooks on any device. We efficiently make books future proof by accurately restoring damaged books. Our book digitization enhances easier access and easy sharing mechanism for users. We use higher resolution images and effective colors to improve user engagement. Our digitized books go through a rigorous quality check before delivery. We design professional, quick, and affordable digitized books for multiple formats, and our proofreaders ensure that digitized formats are error-free.

Types of Book Digitization Services

Physical books have their charm, yet people now rely on their tablets and smartphones to read books. By digitizing books, publishers can reach a new audience. With changing times, millennials access all the content and information through digital devices. Book digitization services help publishers make their content engaging and accessible to a broader audience. Acadecraft delivers quick and affordable book digitization services in multiple formats. Types of our book digitization services are:

Lab Notebooks

Ledger Books

Deed Books

Technical Manuals

Research Notebooks


Religious Texts

Historical Texts

Vital Records






Rare Books

Damaged Books


Our Clients

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Acadecraft understands that digital books are a basic necessity in this modern era. Digitized books are one of the major components of delivering e-learning solutions. Our team improves the learning agendas by using the latest book digitization tools. Our cost-effective, fast, and efficient book digitization services are used for imparting knowledge and training.

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Acadecraft is one of the most reputed book digitization service providers in the world. We assist educational institutions in digitizing book content accurately to make the content more accessible. Our book digitization services are in accordance with their requirements to attain their satisfaction.

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Industrial Training

Acadecraft, an affordable book digitization services provider, provides accurate book digitization services to industrial institutions and media houses. We deliver our digitization services to ease the process of training with the use of ebooks. We help institutions to reach a broader range of audience to consume their book content.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures to convert documents into digitized books for businesses and educational institutions to help them gain access to content and assist them in a quicker overall development.

After evaluating the text, we first understand the content requirements, then decide on the right book digitization format for the content to be converted into. We then choose the right book scanning and digitization software. Next, we convert the content in the selected format and, finally, assess it after conversion for quality assurance.

In brief, it can be said that the five steps of our workflow include- understanding, deciding, choosing, converting, and assessing.

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