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Delivering stepwise accessible explainer videos based on in-depth research and compliance

Acadecraft creates interactive and solution-oriented accessible explainer video services for businesses based in the USA, UK, U.A.E, Australia, Canada, India, and Singapore.
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Key Issues

Explainer videos are a proactive way of reaching users. They are an abundant source of information in forms of tutorials and modules. These videos are essential to learning concepts that are new to users. It is essential for video developers and editors to check the accuracy of script and information. Explainer videos should deliver step-wise solutions to problems. These videos should be interactive as well as descriptive.

Video developers fail to understand the significance of accessibility on web platforms. Explainer video developers should make the videos in a stepwise manner for better understanding of users. Businesses fail to find an efficient team of video developers who can make the content engaging along with being detailed for people with disabilities.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of expert video developers who create accessible, interactive and informational explainer videos. We meet the objectives of explainer videos along with satisfying the needs of the target audience. We design creative explainer videos and add elements like captions, subtitles to enhance the accessibility of such videos. Our videos are extremely descriptive and well-researched. We design accessible explainer videos that are easily perceivable, operable, reasonable, and accessible so that everyone can easily comprehend them, in a similar way. We use a wide range of tools that can help individuals with disabilities to access and understand the explainer videos.

We provide detailed captions and audio descriptions to explainer videos by achieving compliance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines. We deliver accessible explainer videos in adherence to the global accessibility standards to evaluate whether these videos qualify to be equally understandable and accessible to all users. We are experts in Australian Accessible ICT Standard AS EN 301 549:2016 as well as ADA and Section 508 standards of the United States of America (USA).

Types Of Video Lecture Services

Whiteboard explainer video maker in USA
Whiteboard Animation

We deliver whiteboard animation video lecture services for B2C and B2B business firms. Our whiteboard animation services allow audiences to understand a product or service. Black lines are drawn by our developers on a white background to make it more effective. Our effective scripts break down complex concepts to enhance retention rate of the learners

Live Action Videos creator in USA

Live-action videos designed by Acadecraft, are authentic, instructive and produce a humanising effect. Our aim is to communicate emotions quickly. We don’t add complex elements to these videos so they don’t confuse the viewers. We design cost-effective, interactive and explanatory. We deliver a real-time experience for the viewers to relate better.

Stop Motion explainer video services in USA
Stop Motion

At Acadecraft we create stop-motion explainer videos that are imaginative, and use techniques that can be applied to distinct types of content. We are experienced in developing various kinds of explainer videos adhering to requirements, from informational videos to quirky advertisements. We develop versatile and unique stop motion explainer videos to improve brand image.

Typography explainer video maker company

Typography is an essential part of designing explainer videos. We rigorously work on getting the font, colours, and the size right to enhance the accessibility of explainer videos. Using typography we deliver content with huge chunks of data and statistics in videos. We pay special attention to details like the right letter spacing, font size, typefaces, graphics and the combination of fonts to use to design compelling explainer videos.

Industry cover

Education expaliner videos creator


Acadecraft is one of the most reputed explainer video development company. Education institutes of all types avail our services as our videos are known to create a strong impact in the minds of the customers.

Utility services expaliner video creator in USA

Utility Products & Services

We are known to drive in traffic for utility products and services organizations. Impactful and animated videos are displayed in front of the audiences so that they are driven towards the products and services.

Corporate training Accessible Video services

Information technology

The companies dealing in information technology make use of explainer videos so that a customer can understand the features and meaning of IT services and products.

Financial services explainer video

Financial Services

Customers are shown explainer videos these days so that they can understand the new service and features of the different financial companies. Acadecraft produces impactful explainer videos to promote the name of the brand.



Companies dealing in the healthcare industry have to display their world-class facilities in front of their audiences. We being a video explainer company help such companies to achieve their target.

Marketing Advertising Explainer Videos

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and Advertising companies help their clients achieve their sales targets. To increase their client’s connections such as companies, seek help from institutions like Acadecraft.

Utility Services and e-learning explainer video in USA

Consumer Electronics

Audiences are becoming tech-savvy with every passing day. Videos catering to the needs of the consumer electronics audiences raise brand awareness among them. The features of the electronics are strongly highlighted.

Lifestyle explainer video in USA


The companies dealing in lifestyle have to create a powerful image in the minds of their customers. Acadecraft helps them create brand awareness among their customers.

flow-chart expaliner video in USA

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that all learners access concepts better, in-depth knowledge, and easy-to-understand accessible explainer video solutions.

We first choose a video style depending on the business type, then develop an engaging and descriptive script. We then record and edit the audio narration for the video. Next, we collect, edit and arrange the media on templates. Next, we merge or dub the audio with the video. Then we test the accessibility of the explainer video using assistive technology. We, finally review the explainer videos to ensure the accessibility of the content as well as the structure.

In brief, it can be said that the 7 steps of our workflow include- choosing, developing, recording and editing, arranging, merging, testing, and reviewing.

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