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Use Cases

65% of the total world population is now dependent on videos. People can consume a lot of information at one go with the help of explainer videos. The awareness stage promotes your products and services to create brand awareness among the audiences. A company is bound to receive views and shares on different social media platforms. You must be able to communicate with your audience when you are in the engagement stage. In the nurturing stage a marketing campaign releases into the market right before the purchase of goods and services. Product demos are shown using videos when you are in the purchase stage.

About our Video Lectures services

We at Acadecraft possess highly specialized experts who are capable enough in the production of meaningful explainer videos. With the help of the latest technologies and tools explainer videos are created by our team of professionals. Our team of professionals has immense knowledge in the field of technology and creativity. In addition to this, we have been working in this field since times immemorial. Therefore, we have a reputation in the market.

Types of Video Lectures services

Whiteboard Animation

The whiteboard animation is used widely in B2C and B2B business firms. Moreover, white animation allows audiences to understand a product and a service. Black lines are drawn on a white background to make it appear more effective. Complex tests are delivered to the audiences in a far simpler manner.

Live Action Videos

Live-action videos are the most common type of videos used as an explainer video. Such videos contain real-time people with real actions. It would be a great idea if you are thinking of establishing a connection between being customers and professionals working in the organization.

Stop Motion
Stop Motion

Slow-motion is truly fantastic in its way. Seeing the objects within the video makes you feel as if everything is moving slowly. Though this type of an explainer video is smart and creative many companies might not be able to purchase it as its very costly. Moreover, mistakes once committed within the procedure of creation will never be restored.


Typographic fonts are used to signify the ideas. Though it is very simple it can be a perfect option for many companies. The fonts and animations need to be placed cleverly. Such explainer videos remain in the mind of the consumers for a long time.

Industry cover



Acadecraft is one of the most reputed explainer video development company. Education institutes of all types avail our services as our videos are known to create a strong impact in the minds of the customers.


Utility Products & Services

We are known to drive in traffic for utility products and services organizations. Impactful and animated videos are displayed in front of the audiences so that they are driven towards the products and services.

Corporate training Accessible Video services

Information technology

The companies dealing in information technology make use of explainer videos so that a customer can understand the features and meaning of IT services and products.

Financial services

Financial Services

Customers are shown explainer videos these days so that they can understand the new service and features of the different financial companies. Acadecraft produces impactful explainer videos to promote the name of the brand.



Companies dealing in the healthcare industry have to display their world-class facilities in front of their audiences. We being a video explainer company help such companies to achieve their target.

Marketing Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and Advertising companies help their clients achieve their sales targets. To increase their client’s connections such as companies, seek help from institutions like Acadecraft.

Utility Services

Consumer Electronics

Audiences are becoming tech-savvy with every passing day. Videos catering to the needs of the consumer electronics audiences raise brand awareness among them. The features of the electronics are strongly highlighted.



The companies dealing in lifestyle have to create a powerful image in the minds of their customers. Acadecraft helps them create brand awareness among their customers.


How It Works

The process includes understanding the needs of the clients and then identifying the kind of explainer video to be created. After this, the scriptwriter writes down the script, and then the story is onboarded with designing and coloring. A voice-over artist takes over and explains the entire story to the audience. After the animation is created the QC team handles the rest.

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