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We are an efficiently creative corporate content development service provider for our clients based in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, and UAE.
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Key Issues

Corporate e-learning is more than trivial onboarding, providing knowledge, or giving compliance training to the employees. It also includes using the latest digital tools engaging and retaining the best employees, and shaping them to be better leaders. Nowadays, corporates are facing difficulties in finding the right team to develop content for them.

Possessing the right skills to understand Management Strategies is extremely important. Corporate content developers fail to give a competitive edge to businesses. Content developers fail to understand the intrinsic functioning of the business before developing the content. The major problem faced by staff is a lack of engagement and the thrust of boring e-learning upon them.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has a team of experienced developers and designers who can efficiently create training modules, recruitment based training programs, and create high-quality engaging content for the clients. Content created by Acadecraft is aligned with performance criteria and levels of corporate taxonomy. We deliver immersive learning and increase productivity as per the performance criteria. We give a competitive edge to the companies by enabling a reduction in costs and wastage, delivering knowledge, developing skills faster among employees, making the employees feel valued, and giving them an opportunity to grow. Our experts provide personalized and engaging corporate services for the employees in order to upskill them and improve their abilities to facilitate them to deliver business benefits. We help the staff to make themselves well-rounded individuals to befit their current and next roles better.

Types Of Corporate Content Services

We deliver customized and engaging corporate content based on the requirements of our clients to enhance the functioning of the employees.

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Custom e-learning

Custom e-learning services at Acadcraft, cater to a variety of learning needs of the learners. Our experts help our clients by identifying their e-learning needs, create a strategy aligning to their business goals, identify solutions to meet performance criteria, create storyboards, develop content, and develop e-learning training modules.

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Modern learners have easy access to microlearning due to the advancement of technology. Acadecraft designs microlearning solutions for uninterrupted learning and even as a stand-alone learning approach as per performance criteria. We develop entire curriculums based on short-term projects and tests.

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Interactive Videos

The attention span of new-age learners is very short today which is the reason why interactive videos are gaining popularity among diverse industries. Acadecraft designs engaging e-Learning videos comprising multiple Virtual reality features like zoom and a 360-degree view, which improve the interactivity and enhance knowledge retention.

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Gamified Learning

Gamified Learning at Acadecraft provides an engaging learning experience through the use of Augmented reality, which is different from monotonous traditional learning. Acadecraft develops game-based learning solutions for skills training, sharpening the logical reasoning of the learners, and improving their decision-making capabilities.

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Blended Learning

Blended Learning by Acadecraft is an approach that is successful in designing a training strategy for the corporate sector. Acadecraft develops blended learning solutions that use the latest technology to create multiple learning opportunities to enable the learners to seek training as per their time and convenience.

Our Clients

Retail Corporate Content Services

Service Providers

Acadecraft being one of the best corporate content services provider companies delivers market-oriented management programs and training modules that increase user engagement with the services.

Marketing Corporate Content


Acadecraft being one of the most reputed corporate content services adheres to the technology development and fulfills the requirement of clients for designing effective materials for the training of various marketing programs.

Manufacturing Content Services

Ed-tech companies

Acadecraft being a respected corporate content service comprehends the technology development and requirement for designing effective materials for training and skill upliftment purposes.

Life Sciences Corporate Content Service


Acadecraft being a leading corporate content service provides flawless industrial products catalog, training documents, and product brochures for the clients. We design personalized management programs.

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How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures to create training modules for employees to help them gain in-depth knowledge and assist them in their overall development.

We first, understand the basic requirements of our clients, then gather and organize the necessary content. We then create a storyboard for the design process. and script the ideas in an engaging and interactive way. Next, we develop and design the content and finally review and edit it after quality assurance.

In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- understanding, gathering and organizing, storyboarding, scripting, developing and designing, and assessing.

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