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We are a professional educational design solution provider helping e-Learning businesses and Corporates across the world.
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Key Issues

The development of educational content, curriculum, and learning modules can be challenging for educational institutions. The educational design services include designing curriculum along with designing units of learning. Every bit of information, for curriculum or learning modules, should align with the learning objectives and the standards of the curriculum framework. Apart from that, the content writers are often not aware of the pedagogy of grade levels or concept fields. Hence they fail to present information, develop learning material, and design curriculum in a grade-appropriate or subject-specific manner.

The progression of knowledge and literary skills is an extremely essential factor in developing educational content, learning material, and curriculum for all educational levels. It requires the ability to relate prerequisite knowledge to the on-grade knowledge and blend it in learning modules and curriculum, in an interactive way. Often, developing content, modules, and curriculum requires an understanding of aesthetics, like the organization of content, the structure of the curriculum, using supporting multimedia, and formatting. Educational designers should design student-centered curriculum and employ content-focused approaches for curriculum development. Educational designers are often not well-versed with the tools that enhance the quality of the content. Also, for clients based in different time zones, maintaining delivery and a meeting schedule can be a hassle.

How can Acadecraft help?

Acadecraft has an efficient team of Subject Matter Experts, content developers, and educational designers who work together to design high-quality content, learning modules, and curriculum for all grade levels. Our professionals provide efficient learning material development services and have the ability to develop modules and content that are mapped to the learning objectives of the curriculum. With their pedagogical awareness, the experts are highly thoughtful with the content structure and curriculum framework while developing learning material. All specialists are passionate about planning and finalizing learning material as interactive, organized, and supported by relevant examples, graphics, and other inclusions. We develop student-centered content and modern teaching approaches to integrate online and virtual teaching. All our processes are also supported by respective academic content writers, quality analysts, editors, and graphic designers who help achieve optimum and timely results.

Types of Educational Design Solutions

educational design services
Curriculum design

Acadecraft has an experienced team of curriculum planners and designers who adhere to the standards in designing a curriculum framework as per the grade. We are the most efficient educational design solutions company and have a team of creative and out-of-the-box-thinking curriculum designers. Our team organizes and designs curriculum in relevance to the learning objectives. Our lesson planners employ innovative ways to impart education.

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Assessment design

The Acadecraft team consists of skilled designers specialized in developing high-quality assignments. Our experts are well-versed with DOK levels, academic standards, and learning objectives, and thus, can create both direct and HOTs questions representing all DOK and Bloom’s levels. All departments are also supported by respective quality analysts, editors, and graphic designers who help achieve optimum and timely results.

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Learning design

Acadecraft has a team of professional education designers, designing learning designs for educational institutions and corporate training. We usually begin by understanding the specific learning objectives and anticipated outcomes for every subject and grade. We then design smaller units of learning to fit the course learning outcomes. We usually plan and prepare learning content, teaching interactions, and learning activities, to meet the educational needs.

Our Clients

Online elearning educational design solutions


We believe in staying updated with the latest trends in education and so we have a tight grasp over e-learning solutions. We are familiar with the latest tools and digital platforms for the development of educational content, assessments, and curriculum. We aim to create an optimum e-learning experience across diverse audiences.

Online elearning educational design services

K12 Schools

We are one of the most reputed educational design solution provider companies, which delivers educational design solutions to academic institutions across all the major countries of the world. Our educational design content and assessments are in adherence to the K12 school’s prescribed blueprint and requirements.

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Acadecraft has been developing educational design content for a number of illustrious institutions who are the face of the global publishing industry. By constantly achieving the satisfaction of such institutions, we have carved a niche for ourselves as one of the most innovative and efficient providers of educational design solutions.

Online educational design

How It Works

At Acadecraft, our process flow ensures that the learners understand the concepts better, gain in-depth knowledge, and access content easily to ace the curriculum designed by us.

We first understand the requirements of educational institutions, then identify the ways of educational design development. We then document the required efforts and design the blueprint accordingly and develop the relevant content. Finally, our quality analysts, educational designers, and editors assess the educational design content for accuracy of the information, formatting, and language.

In brief, it can be said that the 6 steps of our workflow include- understanding, identifying, documenting, designing, developing, and assessing.

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