The Roles & Responsibilities of a Subject Matter Expert

The Roles & Responsibilities of a Subject Matter Expert

The Roles & Responsibilities of a Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Expert is a big title. Many people see them as a professor or a teacher. However, this is not their true image. These guys have many roles. Because of these roles, many cannot understand what exactly is a Subject Matter Expert. In this blog, we discuss what is a Subject Matter Experts role and what responsibility does he hold.

Roles and Responsibilities: Subject Matter Expert

1. The Subject Matter Expert has a particular niche but isn’t afraid to go beyond it. Generally, they manage the tasks of a particular subject, such as Mathematics, English or Mechanical Engineering. Their experience and ability define what subject would they work on. However, in a number of cases such as the lack of experts or nearing deadline, the SME works on different subjects as well. That isn’t possible if the expert is completely new to that subject. However, it is possible if the expert shows ability in the subject.

2. Generally, they work in teams. Many of them work alone. However, they have work with the co-ordinator separately, and hence the delays. This way, the problem only grows. Team leaders manage the work of all subject matter experts but have little to do on their own. These team leaders are in-turn experienced experts themselves. These guys spread the responsibility around and make the team work according to the guideline.

3. These guys work on many projects. Such projects include Textbook Manuals, Textbooks, Exam Assessments, Academic Assessments, School Projects, College Projects, Assessment Development, etc.

Subject Matter Expert Services

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