What is Alt Text Writing

What is Alt Text Writing

Whenever you are surfing the Internet, you often come across unloaded images. However, beneath the unloaded image, there is a text describing the image. That Text is Alternative Text (or simply, Alt Text). Alt Text Writing is a huge part of web content writing & web-designing.

Uses of Alt Text Writing:

  1. Image Unavailability: In some cases, alternative text writing is useful when the image wouldn’t load. This gives the viewer some idea of what the absent image means. Without context, it is impossible to know what is going on, and the viewer ends up disinterested.
  2. Understanding the Image: When you’re studying online, and there’s an image you’re unsure of, simply drag your cursor over it. This will make the Alternative Text appear & you can finally understand what it means. However, proper Alternative Text is always framed in such a way that succinctly explains the image. In many cases, it is not the case and the Alternative Text talks about the image in a straight, monotonous tone without any information.

Importance of Alt Text

Alt Text is important because it makes your website more accessible. For many people who use non-graphical devices to study, images are unavailable. In such cases, Alternative Text becomes the guiding light. In other cases, Alternative Text is useful for people with visual impairments.

How to write Alt Text

Alternative Text Writing is easy for those who can focus on these elements:

  1. Accuracy: The Alt Text always spells out exactly what the image is. Saying more or less than the image’s idea just throws you off the target.
  2. Conciseness: BE CONCISE. The text has to be crisp and short because it only explains the image. There is nothing for the Text to communicate but the image.
  3. Redundancy: The text must not be redundant. Repeating the same thing over and over again would make things worse. The text must never repeat the same thing.
  4. Don’t Use The Term “Image”: Everyone knows it is an image. Phrases such as “Image of” will make the text redundant. Instead, explain the image. That way, you will only explain the image, not talk about it. Talking about the image as a thing is useless.

Alt Text Writing Services

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